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Hi. This is Buck Hunter and I write post apocalyptic among other things. (The author to the left is not Buck Hunter, btw.)

Most books in our genre don’t self promote so we have to lend a hand. Thus, if you’d like to review your own book here on my website and gain another avenue to the public, I’m offering you the opportunity.

If you have a website or other vehicle where I can promote my books, I’d appreciate the opportunity as well, but this is strictly not a hindrance to you promoting yours on mine. Consider this an open invitation.

Note that the more books that are listed here the better it is for all of us, as the web pages will move up in rank on Google and we’ll all prosper.

Your review must be unique. Do not just copy verbatim from your Amazon description.

The Simple Rules (Which I may revise if and as necessary.)

1. Only authors or owners of the copyright may submit. (No agents.) One book per author.

2. Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance. Contact Buck before submitting.

3. Only post apocalyptic and dystopian genre books to be submitted. I realize there is some play here. If you feel that your book may not be exactly…but close, there is wiggle room. Contact me.

4. This is a family oriented website so no naughty books. You know if it’s sexually X rated or not.

5. Here’s what I need from you in the way of a usable submission in this order:

A. Title of book and subtitle if any with author name. (Title of book is the title of the post.)
B. 250-800 word review.

Followed by:
C. Title
D. Author name
E. Where to purchase with link
F. Price.
G. Year published and number of pages in the book

Separately, a jpeg image 350 pixels wide by 450 in length. And I need a blurb of no more than 50 words. You will submit the article to me in a file in Word format. Nothing fancy. Just… save to Word. You’ll have my email with the acceptance note.

Your submission should look like this:

The Pig Men
Buck Hunter
<Article body…..>

<Followed by:>

The Pig Men
By Buck Hunter
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gmHaPG
Price: $3.99
Year: 2016 and 230 pages

Reminder: Do not use any fancy formatting in your submission. Big no no. Send it to me straight text in a regular Word format file. I use Word 2007.

Be sure to get your article right and check it three times before sending. Revisions if any are strictly limited. It is what it is please. However, if for any reason you don’t want it reviewed any longer I will remove it.

So. Get busy with your neat promotion article for your book. Contact me first and let me know you are interested with your book title and link. I’ll reply to you soonest!

Buck Hunter down on Choccolocco Creek

Use my handy contact form. Tell me about your book review proposal. Looking forward to working with you.