The Survival Apocalypse Series Book 5 – The Pig Men

The fifth book in the Survival Apocalypse series is called The Pig Men. It takes place 91 years after the world has gone to hell.

The story behind the story of The Pig Men

In Book 5 of the Survival Apocalypse series set in the Choccolocco Valley called “The Pig Men” available on Amazon we wrap up the Georgia War most pleasingly and introduce new and important hints as to the future of Jed.

Later in Book 5, The Pig Men, Jed sets about to solve the long time mystery of dead babies found floating down the Choccolocco Creek. Beloved character, Ranger Reuben Sizemore accompanies Jed in his quest but he may wish he stayed home. He finds love, but at a steep price.

Complicating matters Jed and his mentor Billy Rayburn have a “falling out”. Jed suffers from growing pains. War chief of the Georgia’s Pinhoti becomes more prominent. And…Jed may have just involved the Valley in a new war!

More non-stop realistic Survival Apocalypse action in the series you have come to love which takes place 91 years after the world went to hell.

As it happens The Pig Men contains plenty of killing like we like in the Survival Apocalypse but I decided overall to strike a bit of a lighter tone. This was not done without a little trepidation. I suppose a book called The Pig Men MUST be written with either a little humor or very very darkly. I chose the former. Then I dreamed up the general outline. Next, the characters took over and had their way and it didn’t turn out a thing like I thought it would.

There seems to be two broad methods of writing. That would be using copious outlining and free style. I write free style. Stephen King obviously uses free style.

Free style is a little dangerous for the simple reason that a book can meander all over the place. I love King’s “The Stand” more dearly than I can say here but the book just goes on and on. A ton of writing before one gets to the good stuff. For this reason I believe the original six hour movie captures the essence of his effort…discards the rest, and gives the best experience.

My free style is a little different, I think. As I love to tell folks, after I get the book going my job seems to be to do the very best job I can of writing down exactly what I see the characters doing. My characters do their own thing. They really do.

thepeegsAn example of characters having their way is Nellie Harjoh in the opener of The Pig Men. I swear to you (blush) I had NO idea she was going to do what she did. Jeez! Still, I was duty bound to report it. She didn’t swear me to secrecy!

As with all my books, the descriptions of places and things are done with as much useful detail as possible. I make judicious use of my own personal knowledge of the area, plus…I keep Google Earth open in the background. When one of my guys goes to a place they really go there. When I tell you a thing you can bet money on it.

Tell you something. Pure conjuring as in great action adventure SF where you can make things up whole cloth is a lot easier than re-imagining a place that really exists, albeit a hundred years after everything went blooey. But, I confess, getting it right is FUN!

The trick to the Survival Apocalypse is that I use history to extrapolate the future. I don’t think letting you in on this will lessen the excitement. Getting to know the future by researching the past has been a tremendous college level experience for me. As much as I had to hit the books to give you Jed’s adventures so far, quadruple that for future books.

As the series unfolds we’ll learn more not only of where the world is but how it got that way. I could have started with the big bang, but everyone in the dystopian future racket seems to go there. Maybe I will some day, but I have a LOT to impart to you before I can even think of that.

If this is the first you are hearing of The Survival Apocalypse Series then think of it sort of like The Walking Dead without the walkers and 100 years after everything went pflooey. Tribes of men surviving, one better than the rest. The Choccolocco Valley.

You do me great honor by reading my books. I thank you! See you down by the Choccolocco Creek where we’ll have a cup of blend and talk over the good times!

Buck Hunter



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