Buck-Mountain-505-x-435-42kThe Survival Apocalypse website is all about supporting your friendly author, Buck Hunter with his work on THE SURVIVAL APOCALYPSE series of books.

Set largely in the Choccolocco Valley, my books, besides being hard to spell, are all about how man survives and thrives in the face of adversity. My Survival Apocalypse books have their beginning in the year 89 after a devastating natural disaster causes a civilization reset. Think of them as pioneer adventure books set in the south…not the west and not in the year 1750 but the year 89. They are entertaining as well as instructional and fully researched.

Buck has been researching his material for the last several years amassing a library of knowledge, and continues his education every single day to bring you the most thrilling and the most accurate depiction of the post apocalyptic pioneer world possible. He knows much of his material intimately, because he has lived much of it personally.

With Buck, it’s not about the buck. It’s about the tale. Get to know and love the characters presented in the Survival Apocalypse and come to love them as much as the man who only reports what he sees. Presented in a homey style that is sure to tickle and please! Read and tell others about your experiences with Survival Apocalypse in The Choccolocco Valley!

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