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 Start with the First Book – Escape to the Choccolocco Valley

Please note: First Book ESCAPE to the CHOCCOLOCCO VALLEY is FREE on Amazon.

Escape to the Choccolocco Valley begins the journey of Jedidiah Reuel from a luckless orphan boy to the most famous man in the world. The exciting action begins 89 years after society has catastrophically collapsed into a world gone back to the wild. He lives in a time of the vivid romance of the new pioneer.

It is suitable for mature kids and grownups or those 16 and up as it contains some violence as befits the times. Though Jed is a mere lad, he faces man sized challenges!

Escape to the Choccolocco Valley is a saga of the best (and worst) of the future pioneers. It presents a world reminiscent of earliest America that is neither utopian nor dystopian. It is a time of struggle as persons, groups, and tribes reinvents themselves into a new nation. In the days of Escape to the Choccolocco Valley if you want something you make it or you take it.

In short, in the First BookEscape to the Choccolocco Valley, Jed, age ten, in the year 89 is forced to flee his home in what was north eastern Georgia and journey by boat to  the Choccolocco Valley in what was north eastern Alabama. Along the way he will meet strange new people and face difficult challenges. He’ll also discover Jesus, who may be pulling strings unseen. Escape to the Choccolocco Valley lays the foundation for the wonderful, tragic, and sometimes comic adventures that Jed will have in his life which begins with this book. The only monsters he will face in his life are the man made kind, which is infinitely worse than the storybook kind.

Is Jed at the forefront of a new apocalypse for the Choccolocco Valley? Or will he be its ultimate salvation? Regardless, the Survival Apocalypse Series eventually will span continents and it begins with Escape to the Choccolocco Valley. Pick up your copy today on Amazon. Your honest review would be most appreciated.

There are four books in the series to date with the fifth on the way! Find reviews for each below and elsewhere on Survival Apocalypse.

Please note: First Book ESCAPE to the CHOCCOLOCCO VALLEY is FREE on Amazon

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Rationale for Survival Apocalypse

Hello and welcome to the Survival Apocalypse website. For the absolute latest news visit our Survival Apocalypse digs on Facebook. Like the page to keep up with the new stuff!

Two things were on my mind when I began the Survival Apocalypse saga. First, what would the REAL world of the future look like post apocalypse and second how to find accurate information on the prospect to research.

On the latter point I needed look no further than the past. Specifically, I spent years reading everything I could on the southeast, where the story is initially set during the period of 1540-1830 or thereabouts.

On the one hand, Survival Apocalypse has a science fiction theme, but on the other it is largely based on historical facts. For the most part, how we got to the year 89 is not dwelt on so much. That’s the science fiction part. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The Survival Apocalypse was caused by an EMP originating in our sun. However, there was a lot going on before that event which will be revealed by and by in the books. I look at it like the crunch came in the Year 0, as it is called is my series of Survival Apocalypse books.

However, in the series we’re more concerned with contemporary times and the story of Jedidiah Reuel beginning in the year 89 after the apocalypse.

Let’s talk a moment about what makes for a great apocalypse.


  • An apocalypse is not the same thing as a calamity. A calamity is something with a resolution. An apocalypse is pretty much end times stuff.
  • If man is as special as he thinks he is then there must be a religious component to the end of the world. Jed’s religious growth is an important part of the series.
  •  There must be life after the apocalypse, else what’s the point? It would be just another disaster movie.

As for a real survival post apocalypse there are folks out there who have done a lot more thinking about it than me. I’m sure of it. However, I have my theories as well. Let’s look at why I think an EMP is final and why no amount of preparation is going to save you for long:

Short term survival situation: A tornado tears up your town. A flood destroys everything. An earthquake breaks the interstate.

To date, disasters are local or regional affairs. Even if Georgia gets wiped out by a rock from the sky, hopefully Alabama will come to the rescue of whoever is left. In a colossal disaster folks will start to run out of stuff in one to three days. Survival preppers will last as long as their carefully stored food holds out. Most folks don’t have the money or the place to store enough grub to last for more than a few weeks. Still, even in the worst case scenario, help is only a helicopter ride away. This is what survivalists are counting on, most of them.

Long term survival situation: An EMP shuts down the power grid:

Now, here is where it gets interesting. You might be thinking that you’re in a pretty good place in your hidden cave with three months of food and your boatload of ammo. Civilization has to come back online sometime. Right?

Well, I say wrong. In a general survival situation where everyone is in the same boat I’m pretty sure that a third of our population would be gone inside a month, and at the end of the year, most would be dead. All the gold, ammo, and three months of food stashes aren’t going to help much. Civilization is never coming back because the power is never coming back on. I’ll tell you why.

Civilized man has gotten so darned good at building systems that no one man can understand the whole thing. If Fred, the dam man, decides to hoof it down to the dam to see why his power isn’t on, and and finds his generators in a mess, then what? Our systems are so complex and so interdependent on other systems that when one breaks down the whole thing cascades in about point three seconds. If no one is available from the unaffected area to run over to lend a hand, then game over. Even better, a few days after a general calamity, equaling the big one, or an apocalypse, a great many folks in the chain to getting the dam back online are dead, taking their piece of the system with them.

So, when the EMP comes, it’s game over for even the most prepared, eventually.

Ok, so if being ready isn’t enough, what does it take to survive the big one? Well, I’ll tell you and you won’t like it. It takes two things above all else. You must have the drive and intelligence to survive plus…a mile long freight train of luck. Luck will play a massive role in who lives to produce offspring.

Sermon-pic-finished550Back to Survival Apocalypse…

In the world I have created, scattered humans still manage to survive. But one bunch survives better than the rest, and that’s the residents of The Choccolocco Valley. How they did it, and why they succeed will be revealed in the books. You’ll find no hocus pocus or contrived material. Everything is as accurate as I can possibly make it.

The main character, Jedidiah Reuel, is no Harry Potter. He’s just a ten year old boy who will grow up to do big, massive things. His tools are made from raw wood, leather, metal, and stone. Not so much different than our ancestors.

By the time Jed is born most of what was that made America has already crumbled and vanished. Therefore, for the most part, it’s start from scratch time. Finding anything from the past that is still useful takes supreme luck. I’m not ruling it out.

In the Survival Apocalypse series you’ll experience the romance of being a pioneer with all the hardship, challenges, and successes too. You’ll read about love, laughter, death most cruel, and a promise for the new future, post apocalypse.

My books are set in the south, but eventually they will span what used to be called the United States, and eventually beyond. I pretty well know how it’s going to end. How we get there is still a mystery. I hope you’ll join me as we both learn together in the exciting and strange world of Survival Apocalypse!



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